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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Just thinking about a few things and wanted to tell everyone about where you can give and receive anything you want. I mean anything. The site is dedicated to keeping to stuff out of the landfill, so not to pollute and litter anymore than necessary. You just sign in for you yahoo account and put in what you want, offer and read the rules. Simple as that. It goes by areas.

Making Extra Money From Home With Surveys- Why They Need You

I bet you want to know why there are so many companies and market research firms out there that are willing to pay up to hundreds of dollars for your opinion. That is because they can get people like you from markets all over the world. People of every race, creed, income level, and every other consumer demographic that exists through the Internet to answer questions without having to spend a single dime to bring you into to their facility or hire any personnel to call you or do any testing. This saves them millions and billions of dollars a year. What they pay for survey takers on the Internet is a drop in the bucket compared to what they used to pay in market research that they conducted on-site and over the telephone. Not only that instead of bugging you through dinner and getting hung up on, you now log on and ask to do the surveys for them of your own accord. What more could they ask for? So all they have to do is get your opinion before their competition does.

eHow Articles

Articles I write on ehow and Helium

I am a freelance writer on eHow and Helium and have written about 30 articles to date. Even did about 30 post on ciao, but their payments went down drastically, so really isn't worth my time anymore. If it goes back up to $1 a post, I will be happy to let you know. Check out my articles on ehow (user name amandalyn) and Helium (mandigiehll) to see what I have written about already. Ciao user name is Tucky too if you are a member there. For those wanting to know about ciao, I was told they went from $1 to .25 because someone was hiring people to post for them and paying them .50 of their commission. Hate when people cheat us all like that. Don't you?

Just Getting Started

I am just getting started with this new blog in Google's blogger and hopefully it does better than blogger party that did not seem to work out too well. I want to tell everyone that I am a bit of a know at all. So, needless to say, I will be bringing you all sorts of information on all sorts of topics. From childhood abuse, weight loss tips, recipes, credit card tips, debt counseling, spiritual growth, survey and making money at home tips and lots of other stuff. If there is anything that you want to know about I am more than willing to write about it and even research it for you. Just pop me an email to and I will get to it.

Thanks for reading and I hope that you will be pleased with the material that I will be bringing you.