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Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Grinch- my mistake

So yesterday my daughter wanted to watch the grinch on the computer because she fell asleep while it was on TV and I couldn't find the full episode on the computer, so I fell back on the good ol' YouTube. Big Mistake! After letting her watch a few. I clicked on one and walked away to walk back in a few minutes later to realize that my 4 year old was watching a porn rendition of the Grinch! Luckily, at 4 she didn't realize what the joke was. Thank goodness she wasn't any older and the video wasn't raunchier than it was although my daughter didn't understand why the Grinch had been humping the floor. So, I always check things out until that one. Guess I will stick to my former practice and not assume. People on youtube need to keep the names real though so we all know what it is though.
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